All The Good Ones Are Gay or Taken.

About a two months ago my friend introduced me to one of her friends at a bar. We started having a few drinks and then he began hugging, kissing and groping me all night. It was a fun night and a tiny piece inside of me saw a little potential in this guy. He was pretty cute and by the end of the night he ended up giving me his phone number and then he told me to text him the next day. I was already having a bit of a rough day the following day, having my ex trying to contact me, so I was hoping to be able to chat-it-up with this cute guy. I texted him that evening but he never texted me back. I was slightly bummed, I’ll admit, but I overall brushed it off considering that we were both pretty inebriated that night. I didn’t really think much of it after that day. Well, a couple weeks ago my friend asked me “Do you want to know the real reason why he never texted you back?”. I replied “sure”, since I was just a little bit curious. Well, come to find out, he’s actually GAY and cheated on his BOYFRIEND with me that night. Yup, all the good ones are gay or taken, it’s true…and of course that would happen to me. HA.

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